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Are you a good communicator?
What would others say?

Most people think they are good communicators. Yet most people are unaware of the entire message they are sending. The result — reduced productivity, low morale and fewer sales.

We can show you how to breakthrough communication barriers to a level that really gets your point across. Don’t let faulty communication skills stunt the growth of your company. Learn more about Breakthrough Skills from The Robinson Group.

NEW!!! Workshops for 2024


Personal Development, Business Development and Trainer’s Training

Have you been searching for a way to make more of a difference in the world?

Wanting to make a difference isn’t enough. There is no fast track. It takes time, energy and dedication to your learning, growth and becoming an expert. There is easy access to information everywhere, but information isn’t enough either. It’s through continued focus, repetition, practice and integration that makes the difference as to how good you are at what you do. Stand up and stand out!!

Our offerings this year focus on helping our students experience success in their life and business. We want to pass on our knowledge, wisdom and experience gained over the past 25 years, and offer new opportunities.

Identity By Design
Discover Your True Identity
Dates TBA
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Ignite The Soul of Your Business
Reawaken your passion and purpose
5 Day Transformational Workshop
Dates TBA
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NLP Business Practitioner Certification
For Your Personal and Professional Transformation
Modular Format – 3 Weekends
Dates TBA
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Become an Identity By Design Trainer
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